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    Lightbulb Market Segment forgotten?????

    I'm not sure this is where I should post this but will give it a shot. I just purchased the Nokia 6061 and I am hearing impaired. I wear hearing aids in both ears. I have to use the Nokia 6061 on Loudspeaker in order to hear on it at all. This is not ideal when in a public situation as all around me can hear the conversation so there's goes your privacy. When searching for some type of headset there is nothing that will work for people in my situation.

    For you developers out there................
    How about coming up with a headset that is "universal" that is a true headset. Not a plug for the ear because, in my case, the plug won't stay in and I can't hear on the things anyway, lol. We would also need to be able to turn the volume up past the normal cell phone volume levels because we have to take out the hearing aid in order to use the headset. Most hearing impaired people would not even try to use a phone while driving for several reasons.

    There is a huge population of people out there that have to use hearing aids and we need a solution that will work with any cell phone or at least one for each model you put on the market. Please don't forget about us!!!


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    Re: Market Segment forgotten?????

    You can buy headsets at most electronic stores. If the plug isn't right they generally have adaptors to. You are not limited to just Nokia headsets.

    This is a software developers support site. You might want to post this on a product page Nokia end user products support questions should be addressed at Nokia's online support sites http://www.nokia.com/support not here in Forum Nokia. Also, there is a end user discussion board... http://discussions.nokia.co.uk/discussions/ if you want other opinions.

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