I'm doing sms application for series 60. Right now, I'm using a built-in UI for write message. But the problem is I want to use my own menu options. Is't possible to replace default menu with my menu. I know that we can use function void DynInitMenuPaneL(TInt aMenuId, CEikMenuPane* aMenuPane) to control the menu pane...but I cannot find the way how to do it. Need your help !!!

This is the code for creating SMS UI:

// Creates an SMS. .
void CSypherSMSView4::WriteSMSL()
__ASSERT_DEBUG(iRichText && iRichText->DocumentLength() == 0,

// display the SMS editor with some text and addresses already inserted
iSendAppUi->CreateAndSendMessageL(KUidMsgTypeSMS, iRichText, NULL,
KNullUid, NULL, NULL, EFalse);

Note: Is't possible to have form and rich text editor in one page. I'm thinking to create a new UI if I can't find way to replace the menu.