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    Question Uregent request on playing .m4a file on Nokia N70

    did any one played a m4a(aacplus encoded) file in midp2.0, if yes pls send us coz when i am trying to play the file using mmapi i am able to create the player with the file but i am not able to play it or i can say i am not able to hear the sound. Device we r using is Nokia N70 and s60 FP3 emulator.

    if anyone has a solution pls write to me at sguduru@hvotech.com or reply to this thread.

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    Re: Uregent request on playing .m4a file on Nokia N70


    eAAC+ and AAC+ have either .3gp or .mp4 extensions, and those are supported by N70. M4A is AAC-LC/AAC-LTP, and I don't think it's supported on this device.

    From my knowledge, N70 supports aac, 3gp and mp4 only.

    Have you caught a MediaException when creating the player?


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