Hi All,

My Symbian C++ S60 application is reading a Chinese message and copying it into a remote server.

Important to note:

1. I am able to view the file/message content correctly IF I USE NOTEPAD.

2. I am storing portion of the file into SQLServer database and I am able to view it correctly in "Query Analyser".

The problem I am facing:
When tried to view the file in a browser thru' a JSP page, I am seeing carbage on the screen. If i want to see the chinese characters on a PC browser thru JSP page, how should i do that?

I read SMS message content thru 16 bit pointer and sending it to remote server thru 8 bit pointer. I am taking care of the 16 to 8 bit binary conversion and it works fine.

NOTEPAD and SQLServer are able to view chinese characters correctly and i need to know what is stopping the browser from displaying the data correctly.

My feeling is ... it has something to do with the char-set/encoding issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated as i have been scratching my head for sometime on this.