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    CIMD special characters

    In the documentation, CIMD has 4 special characters, 0x02,0x03,0x09 and 0x3a (STX,ETX,TAB and that cannot be used. Is there any excape characters that i can use in the user data if i wish to send any of these characters to a handphone ?

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    RE: CIMD special characters


    depends what you are trying to send.

    The GSM alphabet (7 bit default) does not have STX, ETX, TAB, : is 0x3a still.

    CIMD does not allow use of codes 0x0 (@), 0x2(dollar), 0x3(yen), 0x9 (C cidilla)

    0x0 is sent as _Oa
    0x3 is sent as _Y-
    0x9 is sent as _C,
    0x2 has to be converted to 0x24
    0x3a is sent as 0x3a


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