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Thread: changing URL

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    changing URL

    Hi all....
    I am new to Mobile Java.I have gone through the documentation and learnt to use the ktoolbar.I could also run the example applications available with the wireless toolkit.

    I am trying to run the DBMIDlet example used to access remote relational database.For the server-side,I have successfully deployed the war file and it runs fine at http://localhost:8080/DatabaseProxy.

    Now I need to run that on the emulator.But the JAD file for DBMIDlet specified the Proxy-URL:http://www.myhost.com/databaseproxy-1.0/servlet/dbproxy

    So i tried changing it to

    But when i build and run the midlet,it says error 302.

    kindly help.

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    Re: changing URL


    when accessed from the browser on your PC works, cus the localhost is the PC

    in the device/emulator, you dont want to have localhost, as that would infer the device as the localhost, not your PC, on device, you should have an IP address for the PC instead of localhost

    If your PC is
    And your emulator gets an ip address of
    In device or emulator, when connecting to PC, you would use

    you can also remove the logic that reads the database url from the jad until you get it working, instead hard code url in app, that way you simplify everything just slightly.
    Jason Glass

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