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Thread: about Cba keys

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    about Cba keys

    hi all,
    I developed one application,in that i move one screen to another screen.In that i use cba commands options and back,but it not go back its display one dialog like this: App.closed !
    here display(application name).
    any one know reply me urgent.

    I written for this in handle command below
    void CAptvClipScrView::HandleCommandL(TInt aCommand)
    if (aCommand == EAptvSwitchToClipScrView)//|| aCommand ==EAknSoftkeyBack)
    // AppUi()->ActivateLocalViewL(TUid::Uid(EAptvChnlScrViewId));
    //Play Command is selected
    else if(aCommand ==EAknSoftkeyBack)
    iEngine->DoStop(); //Stop
    //Go Back to Channel SCrren
    }for this show that above error.
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    Re: about Cba keys

    Check your HandleCommandL() where you are handling your cba buttons.

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