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    weird metallic sound


    I recently acquired a Nokia 6230.

    1.I unrestricted it (imei method) so as to use it with 2 different simcards (from different companies), and downloaded new configurations for one of them (Spain's Movistar) from nokia's site.

    2.I reestablished initial phone settings afterwards, after messing around with options.

    One of those actions has made my nokia sound different when i'm talking to someone, even the "beeps" sound different, like metallic.
    Can anyone provide me with some help on this issue? I checked out every option in the phone but i don't find anything related to this.

    The problem has to do with phone calls, not with ringtones nor mp3 music.

    Thank you very much in advance

    p.s.:i thought maybe the equalizer could be the problem but it only affects the music and mp3 playback, right? and a different speaker.
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    Re: weird metallic sound

    Hi iGnitione! Welcome to Nokia Discussion Boards!!

    I guess it will be better to give your phone to the nearest Nokia care center and get it serviced. Hope it helps!


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