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    Successfully Connected Using Bluetooth with Pc Suite

    I suffered non connection problem sometime back with bluesoliel to Pc Suite,they way I solved it was like this:-(Btw Having 2pcs both on winXpProSP2,[1)bluesoliel][2)bluesoliel 1.4.+.+]Nokia 6600,NGage and Nokia 3250)

    1.I started off with N6600 Pc Suite Installation, activated it and configured Mrouter by activating every comport,(while installing Pc suite dont install Connection manager).After that shut down Pc suite, and Install N activate bluesoliel do search for device once u get device pair it and check for services.

    2.By this time the serial connection service icon should light up,Click connect and you will get an ERROR message saying cant connect.Just terminate all including bluesoliel.

    3.Go to device manager and update the blue tooth driver(point to c:/program/bluesoliel till you get the driver(never use automatic search)And also blue thooth Pan device driver.Machine will want to restart,DONT.

    4.Go to C:/windows/inf here look for bth.inf rename to bth.bak.than restart pc

    5.Ater restarting dont activate Pc suite,bluesoliel will startup automaticly do the same again detect device and services connect on serial,will get a non connecting error again ,now wait a while than you can see bluesoliel connecting on 1 of the com automaticly (in my case was com 6)once u know what com its connecting automaticly note down the com port next open bluesoliel main window go to /tools/my bluethooth device,click on an another screen will open, there click on UART,than the advance cofiguration can be accesed, here choose the right com port (whch you have noted down)set baud rate to 115200,set flow control to RTS/CTS. Restart bluesoliel again.

    6.Search for device,that services, start connect on serial device,now the waiting will be shortened,the auto conectivity will swing in, fire up Pc suite it should work by now.

    Hope this helpes

    (P.s Got a few enquiries from other forum where I have posted this,and here R a few details which I might have omitted off :-)

    A) After Installing Blue tooth stacks, and also Pc suite 6600, just dont keep on restarting only but do a shutdown also, cant explain but some machines seems to get connected after shutting it down and restarting.

    b) Remember to Use only Pc suite for Nokia 6600 specific ver 1.1.0

    c) If after doing all the stuff up there n if it still cant connect check at device manager/ click on bluethooth device and on the view choose device by connection and you should get all these bluetooth devices;-

    11 Bluetooth Serial ports(e.g. COM3-COM13)
    Bluetooth PAN Network Adapter
    4 Bluetooth virtual Modem
    Bluetooth AV Audio Device
    Bluetooth SCO Audio Device
    Bluetooth HID Enum device
    Bluetooth Vcomm Manager
    Bluetooth HID Manager

    If some of them r not there do an add hardware and locate from the folder where the dongle driver is located.NEVER USE MICROSOFT DRIVERS.

    Hope this covers the rest.

    *in my opinion the problem of bluethooth connection to pc suite is caused by microsoft stacks and that also depending on the dongle plus the provided dongle*

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