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    Question Nokia N70 Power on/off volume?

    My dad has a Nokia N70 and he can't find where to turn the volume down for the on/off sound, because when he's in a meeting and needs to turn his phone on or off it's always too loud. I've had a look in manuals and tutorials but nothing has helped, any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks, Adele.

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    Re: Nokia N70 Power on/off volume?

    Press and hold the # key to toggle to Silent mode.

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    Re: Nokia N70 Power on/off volume?

    Hi crazyadele! Welcome To Nokia Discussion Boards!!

    Please note that there are different profiles available like General, Silent, Meeting etc. You can personalise your profiles to desired Ringing Volume, Message tone etc . What you have to do is to switch to the desired profile when needed. Please refer Profiles section of the user guide.


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