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    using jsp:include on a wml page


    I am trying to send values in a jsp:include on a wml page. Have done it successfully on xhtml page using the following code

    <jsp:include page="/html/home.do?id=first"/>

    but when I try it on a wml page

    <jsp:include page="/wml/home.do?id=first"/>

    I get an error. It works when I take the "?id=first" out, but need to include this. Tried using jsparams tags but this won't work either.

    Any ideas

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    Re: using jsp:include on a wml page


    I m using the same techniques as u. However i manage to get the parameter. Below is part of my code, hope it would help

    <jsp:include page="index_TopPart.jsp" flush="true">
    <jsparam name="ShowSubsLinkFlag" value="Yes"/>

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