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    How can I compress .jar file to load .m3g files?


    I have created a mobile game, it can load and play in the SUN Wireless Toolkit simulator. But I would like to play in mobile phone. I have created the package by select Project > Package > Create Package in SUN Wireless Toolkit. Then I save that 3 files (.jar, .jad, MF file) into the mini SD. I have installed the .jar files in the mobile. But the .jar file size is 3954KB. Maybe as the file size is too large, the 3D graphics cannot be loaded. How can I compress the .jar file such that the .m3g file can be loaded?


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    Re: How can I compress .jar file to load .m3g files?

    First of all Jar size of 3954KB is very high. Please try to reduce the JAR size. Also give a try with obfuscating the JAR file with > Package > Create Obfuscated Package. Also ensure that there are no unnecesary files inside the JAR file. You need not want to copy the .MF file to the Mobile. JAR, JAD will do the Job. Also please let us know in which phone you tried.


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