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    6630 firmware changes affecting Auto-Start


    Thanks for those who've helped so far. It seems I overcome one problem with this phone and I get another. Now it seems the firmware version 5.03.08 does not give me the "Always allowed" option for App auto start. This is even though i am using a verisign class 3 signed application. The firmware version 3.45.113 works fine and gives me that option.

    I've looked at a site that lists the changes between these two versions but I didn't find anything relating to this. I also tried calling Nokia Care Center technical helpline but they reckon its not a Nokia problem. Any help would be great.



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    Probably it is the operator version rather then the version which makes a difference. I mean, there can be differrent policies for retail and operator (like Vodafone, o2 etc.) version.

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