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    changing sender Number to alphanumeric for a mobile originated Message

    Hey ,

    I would like to know whats tools, softwares do i need to use to change the Sender mobile number to Alphanumeric for a mobile originated message.
    Right now i'm working on an application that uses Nokia 3310 mobile to send Messages. But The Prtoblem is It sends Message with sender Mobile number.

    My requirement is, I want to replace that Sender Mobile Number with Alphanumeric Such as "My Name", so It displays "My name" as the sender in Receiving mobile.Remember the requirement is for a mobile originated Message( Not like SMPP or CIMD).

    any Help Would be greatly appreciated.

    V V RAJU

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    Re: changing sender Number to alphanumeric for a mobile originated Message

    Outgoing SMSs have absolutely no information about the sender: http://www.forum.nokia.com/info/sw.n..._v2_0.pdf.html

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