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    How to add a class to a exmaple project?

    Hi all,
    Now I am learning symbian programming under VC6, but when I add a new class AAA to the example project [ the new class AAA is very simple, only one function SetInt() for test ], the vc6 gives the error:

    CANCELDIALOGS_APPVIEW.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "public: bool __thiscall AAA::SetInt(int)" (?SetInt@AAA@@QAE_NH@Z)

    any body know why?

    Great thanks.

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    RE: How to add a class to a exmaple project?


    When working with a Symbian project under VC6, files cannot simply be added to the project workspace. (Insert->New Class creates always a new file for the class, I assume this is what you've tried). Instead, the new source file must be added to the project definition file (.mmp) which should be also visible in your workspace. For example:

    SOURCE AAA.cpp

    After this, the the project makefile must be rebuilt before trying to compile, as the Visual Studio can't do this automatically for a Symbian project. Close the workspace, and in the command prompt (in projects /group directory) type:

    >abld makefile vc6

    Now you can reopen the workspace in VC6 and the new class is visible in the project's files.

    For more information, please see the Build Tools Guide in the SDK Help.

    Best Regards,
    FN Developer Support

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