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    Exclamation Web-to-Mobile SMS Service.

    Dear experts,

    I am planning to build a Web-to-Mobile SMS Service.

    Please help me out in order to start with. I know, there's a fortune in there, once it's up & running.


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    Re: Web-to-Mobile SMS Service.

    What do you mean with "Web-to-Mobile SMS Service", exactly?

    Do you mean a web site people can go to with their browser and there type up SMS and send them to people (and then your web site will send them in the background)?

    If so, talk to local network operators on how (and at what cost) you can connect to their SMS-C (Short Message Service Center) servers (and work also out how you're going to get the money from web users so that you can pay the operator).

    If you mean something else, please elaborate.

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    Re: Web-to-Mobile SMS Service.

    You can also use a GSM phone/modem to send SMS messages to others/HPs. You may have to look at the cost of sending SMS this way. As for the performance, It will be slow ... in case if you send SMS messages in bulk.

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