i am facing sound issues in nokia 6680. Can some1 help me??
The problem is:
i have created a game consisting of 4 level. Each level have their owm
sound which are played in loop through out the level. Whenever a call interrupt is given, if the interrupt is miss call then every thing works fine. But
if the call is recevied and then cut by either side i.e.(recevier or caller) then no sound is played through the game. i tried to debug it. then i found that after the call end the player gives event DEVICE_UNAVAILABLE. so it does not plays any sound. But if again a interrupt e.g miss call or charger is inserted or volume button is pressed then only it gives event DEVICE_AVAILABLE and the sound is played. i just want know is there any method through which i can make DEVICE_UNAVAILABLE event to DEVICE_AVAILABLE event. if yes then kindly post the same. if no then can u help to handle these situation?