Hello everyone. I'm a little bit of a newbie in mobile development so I'm asking for some help. Recently I bought a Nokia 6102 phone, which I believe is an S40 phone. So I downloaded the S40 SDK and it came with some examples. One example that caught my attention was the "filehandler". When I ran it in the emulator and tried to do something, it didn't prompt me to give it access to user data, instead it just gave an error. I uploaded the app to my phone, and the same happens, it won't ask me for access like the documentation says.

I need this, or some kind of file browser/manager because I want to edit the greeting "animation" (it shows my operator name and some stupid stuff and I don't want it to look like that), and the turn-off animation.

So the question is... is there a way to give it access outside of the application? Or can't I do anything to make this app work? :(

Any help will be appreciated, thanks :)