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    Nokia 6230 Application Error

    Hi All,

    I have created a sample MIDP application (CLDC 1.1 & MIDP2.0) and am trying to run that on different devices. The sample is using just a basic MIDP2.0 CustomItem API to paint a few rows, draw Strings, scroll up and down and highlight rows during scrolling. The sample works fine on other handsets (e.g. Motorola V3, Sony Ericsson W800, Samsung D600) BUT I am having three different problems on three diferrent divices. The sample works fine on these emulators.

    Nokia 6230i - It does install but it doesn't run. Running the application gives me "Application Error" and if I see the details, it gives NullPointerException.

    Nokia 6260 - It installs and runs fine. BUT sometimes it crashes.

    Sony Ericsson P910 - It installs and runs fine (CLDC1.0). BUT It doesnt highlight rows properly (same background and foreground colour, which is black) though I am using COLOR_HIGHLIGHTED_BACKGROUND and COLOR_HIGHLIGHTED_FOREGROUND.

    Any help will be very much appreciated.

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    Re: Nokia 6230 Application Error

    for 6230i - Without knowing any code, you're probably going to have to go thru a tedious process of debugging either by printing debugging info on to a form and display it, or try removing a particular line... your error likely lies somewhere in your initialization or the starting methods. Maybe an RMS problem?

    6260 - Are you using a lot of threads? That could be an issue. Or maybe memory problems. Does it give an error message when in crashes?

    Sorry. no idea about P910. My guess though from your description is that it's a bug in the model and perhaps you can try some other method of coloring. Or, try using the actual values and see if that makes a difference.


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    Re: Nokia 6230 Application Error

    Thanks for your reply. I have found where the problem is on 6230i handset. I was trying to get the screen size and paint the screen accordingly. But Display.getDisplay(myMidlet).getCurrent() is NULL. That's why it's throwing NullPointerException. Any ideas??

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    Re: Nokia 6230 Application Error

    Stupid question: Have you displayed a Displayable (Canvas or Screen/Form/TextBox/List) with setCurrent before trying to get the current Displayable with getCurrent()?

    From MIDP javadocs
    "The value returned by getCurrent() may be null. This occurs after the application has been initialized but before the first call to setCurrent(). "


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    Re: Nokia 6230 Application Error

    Thanks for your reply. I do set the current Displayable by calling getDisplay().setCurrent(myForm) first. Then I instantiate my CustomItem MyItem and pass the Display object (getDisplay()). I pass it to get the screen size.

    protected int getMinContentWidth() {
    return display.getCurrent().getWidth();

    It works fine on other handsets but on Nokia 6230i, it throws NullPoniter on that line.

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