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    Question Series 40 (6230i) Location Bases Service (LBS) possible? Coding in C++ for Serie 40?


    Is it possible to get CELL-ID for 6230i ?

    What i know:

    Location based service can be done with:
    -JAVA: JSR179 Specs
    -C++ Classes: GetCurrentNetworkInfo() as dicussed here
    -SIM Toolkit Standart (somehow directly on the simcard)

    Anyhow i have a 6230i and want to get the CELL-ID to identify the BTS (Base Transceiver Station) and if possible TA (Timing
    Advance) and NMR (network measurement report).
    Cell-Id however would be sufficient to get a position of 2 to 20 kilometers in diameter. Thats accurate enough for me.

    6230i does not support JSR179 correct?

    Most of the series 40 seem not to support JSR179.

    So is it somehow possible to use C++ API in Series 40?

    Thanx for your information.

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    Re: Series 40 (6230i) Location Bases Service (LBS) possible? Coding in C++ for Serie 40?

    Hi sideshore! Welcome To Nokia Discussion Boards!!

    >>6230i does not support JSR179 correct?
    Yes 6230i does not have JSR179 support.

    >>So is it somehow possible to use C++ API in Series 40?
    AFAIK, you cannot use C++ API in a S40 device.


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