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    Question Problem while creating images .

    Hi friends,
    I'm to creating the image on Canvas.

    To create image from resource folder

    I've use the follwing code

    imageError = new Image[2];
    imageError[0] =Image.createImage("/warning.png");
    imageError[1] =Image.createImage("/error.png");

    But this didn't work.

    So i've tried ,

    imageError = new Image[2];
    imageError[0] =createImageRes("/warning.png");
    imageError[1] =createImageRes("/error.png");

    where the method createImageRes is

    public Image createImageRes(String res)
    Image img_1 = null;
    dis_img = getClass().getResourceAsStream(res);
    din_img = new DataInputStream(dis_img);
    int fsize = din_img.readInt();
    byte[] img_byte = new byte[fsize];
    din_img.readFully(img_byte, 0, fsize);
    img_1 = Image.createImage(img_byte, 0, fsize);
    catch (Exception e)
    System.err.println("An Exception occurs. "+e);
    return img_1;
    and dis_img is instance of InputStream and din_img is instance of DataInputStreamInputStream.

    Still i'm not abel to create image.

    warning.png and error.png i've store in res folder.

    Whats the problem?

    Sachin Warang.

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    Re: Problem while creating images .

    What do you mean by doesn't work. Does your code not compile or are you getting unexpected results?

    If your code is not compiling it could be because the static function Image.createImage( String name ) will throw either a NullPointerException or an IOException. The code you posted isn't handling the exceptions, put the calls to createImage() in a Try/Catch block.

    Image[] imageError = new Image[2];

    try {
    imageError[0] = Image.createImage( "/warrning.png" );
    imageError[1] = Image.createImage( "/error.png" );
    Catch ( Exception e ) {

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    Re: Problem while creating images .

    Sachin ,

    I guess you have already got replies here http://agathonisi.erlm.siemens.de:80...18202&tstart=0

    or still problem exists ?


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