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    error while using FileConnection!!!

    I can open a FileConnection to a directory and list the files inside. However, when I try to open a FileConnection to a file, lets say a file inside that directory, it says, "The requested protocol does not exist" but there is FileConnection API in my phone(6230i) and I check it in the begining. Does anyone know what the problem is? I assign "file///e:/"+fileName to file URL.

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    Re: error while using FileConnection!!!

    Hi harlem13,

    I am afraid of your URL being incorrect. For E:/ you should use something like

    FileConnection fc = (FileConnection) Connector.open("file:///E:/");


    "An application opens a connection using Connector.open(). The input string must comprise a fully qualified, absolute pathname of the form file://<host>/<root>/<directory>/<directory>/.../<name>.

    The host element may be empty - and often will be, when the string refers to a file on the local host. The root directory corresponds to a logical mount point for a particular storage unit. Root names are device-specific."

    Take a look at the examples in the docs referenced below.

    Introduction To The FileConnection API (With Example) v1.1

    Getting Started with the FileConnection APIs

    Hope it helps!


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    Re: error while using FileConnection!!!

    Well, I looked at those documents long ago. I don't think that could be the problem because I can open a connection like,
    FileConnection fc = (FileConnection) Connector.open("file:///e:/");
    and then list all the names of the files within that directory. Next, I choose one file name from the list on my screen and add it to the string, "file:///e:/" . It is interesting, though.
    Thx anyway. I will appreciate any kind of help!

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