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    Question personal profile - visual development?


    I'm trying to do some development for nokia 9300i java personal profile as it seems to be the best way to access the majority features of the phone without having to deal with c++.

    I've tried a few IDEs, but haven't found any way to do visual layout on the UI elements needed.

    Netbeans 5 has a UI developer, but it doesn't support the nokia extensions (ie. to use the CBA system buttons as part of the interface)

    Carbide.j has the nokia UI designer, but this is only applicable to MIDP development, and there's no library for nokia extensions that I can find.

    My budget doesn't extend to the IBM WSDD setup, so does anyone know a way to do this?


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    Re: personal profile - visual development?

    Have you try NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.0 For CDC?

    It is great, it has also support for Matisse!

    Follow this tutorial to install it:


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    Re: personal profile - visual development?


    When we are developing applications on the J2ME or Symbian/Nokia C++ ervironments,
    we do not need any "visual" rapid graphical designers as MS environment does.

    You just simply describe gui into the resource file (.rss) with the help of
    struct desciptions.

    After describing the layout of gui, you just load the gui on the fly principle
    on your emulator or phone.

    But indeed, it takes time to learn to describe gui on your rss-file.

    Why to study rss file gui deskriptions ?

    Because of, you are independent of development tools. So you can develop
    gui-apps without the help of expensive rapid tools.

    Those rss gui structs are not too diffucult to learn, and for starter
    ( and for advanced developer), he will manage with those gui structs for
    long period during studying Symbian/Nokia mysterious.

    Just start to study gui construction on the rss file based principle.

    In J2ME-case, it is quite a simple thing to construct gui-elements on the phone's
    screen with predefined classes of those gui elements.

    My message is for you, that start to study C++ environment (code and gui) with
    the help from, for example Window's Notepad.

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    Re: personal profile - visual development?

    Thanks Ove, I have been using the netbeans CDC pack, andc it seems to be closest to what I'm looking for. The only difficulty I have is in using interface elements for the nokia specific extensions (like the CBA interface buttons on the series 80 phones).

    Thanks Turnabull2, I am aware of the advantages of coding interface elements directly, but was looking for a method to rapidly prototype an interface. I'm not yet proficient enough with UI design to do that as rapidly as I'd like.

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