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    How to improve the 6280 (or Series 40)

    Hello everyone. This is my first post in these forums. I'm a (mostly) happy owner of a new 6280 (and a recent divorcee of the SE K750i). Having experienced the SE UI i have a few gripes about the Series 40 (in no particular order):

    1. Ringtones. Why would the phone detach ringtones from contacts if the card's removed? Particularly since the phone only has 6MB of internal memory, don't you think they ought to at least store what attaches to where in memory?

    2. Music player. You're listening to your tunes, then you receive a call so your answer. Wrong number...annoying, but at least you get to go back to your tune....except you have to start it all over again. Nokia couldn't put a resume feature? Come on.

    3. I know this has been a long Nokia tradition, but why can't i see all my call logs when i press the send call button? I just don't understand how hard it is to allow users to view all categories from one button.

    4. Any reason why I can't view my call duration DURING the call?

    5. I have the Shortcut Bar as part of my active standby. Everytime i turn the phone off and on, that particular bar's gone. Here's the kicker...this only happens if the bar's at the bottom quarter.

    I suppose my gripes are limited to these 5, though 1-4 are really annoying. Don't get me wrong, this is a brilliant phone in many respects, but if Nokia tended to certain issues I think it could make it that much better.

    Anyone else have ideas to improve this phone?

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    Re: How to improve the 6280 (or Series 40)

    the option to adjust backlight duration after last key pressed.

    that call timer that counts on screen while in a call is really needed as mentioned

    the option to turn flash led on for night video or torch.

    and stop the crashing when emailing and accessing some folders

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    Re: How to improve the 6280 (or Series 40)

    One idea i have for improving the phones UI would be to remove the delay on the star key of keypad in order to get the insert symbol screen up. As far as i can tell this delay serves no useful purpose and is merely an annoyance when writing text messages. It would be great if the delay could be removed and the symbol pallette appeared instantly upon pressing the button, as it does with the 6600 and others like it.
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