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    exe - destructor not being called


    i have an server (exe) running in background waiting for events...
    i also have a started active scheduler in my exe...

    i have 2 questions:

    1.) When i stop (kill) the server from within my Application-UI (app) with the following code...
    then the destructor of the .exe is not being called!!! (but the exe is stopped, also not showing any mem-leaks on WINS,
    but i think there should be some if destructor not called)

    void CController::StopServer() {
    #ifdef __WINS__
    TFindThread finder;
    RThread server;
    TFindProcess finder;
    RProcess server;
    TFullName fullName;
    while (finder.Next(fullName) == KErrNone) {
    TInt err = fullName.FindF(KServer);
    if (err != KErrNotFound) {
    TInt procErr = server.Open(finder);
    if (procErr == KErrNone) {
    ...but: when i call CActiveScheduler::Stop() from the exe then the destructor is called.

    Can anybody please tell me why the destructor is not called???
    Do i have to implement client-server logic for achieving this?

    2.) My exe does some drawing on the phone´s idle screen.
    When the user switches off the phone the drawing maintains on the screen
    till the phone is completely switched off...
    I think the destructor is not being called as well...
    How can i detect if the phone is being switched off???

    i tried it with RSystemAgent: (without success)


    and if this event occurs, it should call the observer´s CActiveScheduler::Stop
    but it´s not being called...

    please can anyone help me...


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    Re: exe - destructor not being called

    1) If you are killing you exe as process, then no destructor is called. Whole exe thread are terminated. That's all. When you call Stop(), then normal program closing occours.

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    Re: exe - destructor not being called

    Thank you very much yavolinsky for immediate response!!


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    Re: exe - destructor not being called

    Which Stop() you are talking about. RProcess doesnt have any Stop().

    Actually, I have an App (Exe for 3rd Edition) which runs in background. I am trying to kill it from other App. It kills the target App/Exe ( I cannot see in task list) but the destructor is never called. As a result of this, some resource handles hangs around. When I try to uninstall this app/exe, the installer fails to remove it saying "Unable to delete file".

    I am using N73 and I have PowerMgmt Capability and using following code to kill the app/exe.

    _LIT(KPttSMSNamePattern, "smsreceiver*");
    TFindProcess processKSMS(KPttSMSNamePattern);
    TFullName processKSMSName;
    while (processKSMS.Next(processKSMSName) == KErrNone)
    RProcess OpenProcessSMS;
    TInt result = OpenProcessSMS.Open(processKSMS, EOwnerThread);

    if (result == KErrNone) //found a process
    TExitType exittype=OpenProcessSMS.ExitType();

    if(exittype == EExitPending)
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    Re: exe - destructor not being called

    Killing processes is never a good idea, you need to arrange a signal (IPC, P&S, etc.) to tell the server process to shut down gracefully.
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