i face a bizarre problem concerning xhtml-mp forms.
i am using a n70 to test my mobile websites and everything workes fine, except a webform, where users may attach a file.
if i drop the 'enctype='multipart/form-data' attribute, the form will be transmitted correctly, but (of course) the attached file, processed by PHP, will not recognized.
otherwise (with the correct enctype-exclamation), the form will fail to be transmitted (n70 displays: gateway does not react/timeout).
but in fact, there is no timeout, this message appears immediately, even, if i do not add an attachment.
in both situations, i use the post-method (which should be correct).
does anybody knows, how to fix this?
in all desktop-browsers and on sony PSP, sony handhelds and other mobile devices, this works fine.
i have the latest firmware.

any ideas?

thank you so much,

christoph brosdau