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    AT Command to send SMS message

    i use Nokia 30 modem, by the way.

    i use these AT commands to send SMS:

    > hello world

    in my code when sending. when i do it in a loop (to send to multiple recipients), the first recipient receives successfully, but the second recipient does not receive it.

    I get:

    +CMS ERROR: 301

    what is wrong here? i googled and error 301 says that SMS funcitonality is currently being used by some other process. However, i checked for response before i send again. so what gives? how to solve this?

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    Re: AT Command to send SMS message


    You should wait a while before submitting the next message.
    The modem is still processing the previous one.

    After sending the message you have to wait for the +CMGS: xxx response.

    See also



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    Re: AT Command to send SMS message


    Actually when you send an SMS using AT commands, if you go for next sms to send the program code will soon, within miliseconds send other sms but the GSM arcitecture says that every time whenever you will make a call or send an sms or use GPRS it checks for you registration, authanticity, your prepaid or postpaid billing etc and for all such process it may take upto 5 seconds. Put some 5 seconds delay in your code and you will sure find it working...

    Have a great texting...


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