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    "Applications: Feature is not supported" on S60_3rd


    I have an application that I recently ported to S60, 3rd edtion. Right now I am at a point where all the UIDs are correct and I can sign it and install on the device.

    The problem comes now when I try to start it on the device, a N80. When starting up the application, it panics with "Applications: Feature is not supported".

    What could be wrong? I have checked all capabilities and they are alright. Signing is no problem either. I have a new fresh range of UIDs too.

    Also I have checked the forums where they suggested to increase the stack size epocstacksize 0x8000 and avoind CEik... controls but use CAkn...

    Still, it panics with that "feature not supported", and it does not say where.

    I am now trying to compile with the beta of S60_3rd, it seems there are people that succedded using it rather than the "final" version.

    I forgot to say that on the emulator it runs fine. And the output does not report any capability that I miss.

    Is there a tool that when installed on the device, it says what am I doing wrong? Something like the famous ErrRd empty file tht used to say what kind of panic you got, instead of saying "System error". That would be helpful to identify the problem.

    A topic related to this one is:


    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: "Applications: Feature is not supported" on S60_3rd

    I found the "solution" to the problem: Compiling with the beta of the SDK allows me to run the application on the device.

    This is, however, a temporal solution. I would like to use the official sdks.

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