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    Question Phonebook access shortcut?

    Hi everybody!

    Im working with an app where the user should select a contact from the phonebook. Inspired from the Nokia PIM documentation and the ContactListForm class in this example it is working fine.

    BUT, not fine enough, it looks like crap and it is slow, furthermore it doesnt have the ability to quickly search and navigate like the built-in "Contacts".

    Is there no way to re-use the built-in PhoneBook stuff from a MIDlet?

    For that sake, the built-in calendar is much better to select a specific date, how can I use that?


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    Re: Phonebook access shortcut?

    With PIM API you get acess to the phonebook contents, but not to the phonebook application itself. If you want search and browse capabilities with nice UI, you need to implement those yourself.


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    Re: Phonebook access shortcut?

    What handset are you targeting? Check your loops I had this error too.

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    Re: Phonebook access shortcut?

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