Hello, about a year ago I stumbled a document that documented the Nokia At Command set. From my computer I was able to manipulate many of the commands and preform several functions. Now I would like to create a program that allows me to do this from the phone. The past few weeks I have introduced myself to Java. While I still have much learning to do, I can't help thinking about my little project.

Here is my question. What is the appropriate way to send and receive AT Commands in java application on the phone. I figured there would be some API I would use, but I can't seem to find anything relative in the Nokia SDK's. I did see a reference to javax.microedition.io.CommConnection and for a while I thought I could use that, but after a little more research I found where someone said Nokia phones do not support this Class. Any Ideas?

I'm not sure if its reinvent at this stage but I plan on developing this program on the Nokia 6270 and Nokia 6230 using JBuilder 2005. I'm currently using foundation version for learning process and plan to update to developer edition when I have a good foundation. Any comments would be welcomed.

Thank you.
Randy McLean