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    java for Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit

    Does the toolkit require Sun's version of java? I have java 1.3.1 from
    another vendor installed on my windows machine. "java" can be found
    in the winnt/system32 directory. When I start the toolkit I get the following warning:

    Warning: Missing Java Runtime Environment (JRE)1.3
    JRE 1.3 is required to run the Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit.

    What can I do to make the toolkit recognize my version of Java?
    Do I have to install java from the sun site?

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    RE: java for Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit

    Please let us know what happens after the warning. Does the Toolkit continue starting up? Does your Toolkit function successfully using the winnt/system32/java.exe launcher?

    If not, please install Sun's JRE 1.3.1 with which Toolkit was tested.

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