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    localized applications under carbide


    I´m very new to carbide and eclipse so please forgive me if this question is a bit too basic.

    I have imported existing series 60 (2.1 fp 1) projects into carbide. Non applications (exe, dll, etc) build fine but my application fails.

    The failure seems to be caused by the failure of the importing mechanism to bring into the project *.loc files (or the *.l01, *.l03 etc files). the compiler then just assumes that the qtn_blah_blah strings in the rss file are in fact the text i want to appear on the UI.

    Does anyone know how to tweak carbide so that it imports these localization files?



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    Re: localized applications under carbide

    If this is Carbide.c++ then check Release Notes, Express only supports one language at this time, default is SC.

    If you want to bring other files into the project view use Import -> File system.

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