Hi All,

I am happy to announce that SNAP Mobile development server access is now available at the Forum Nokia eStore.
As a Forum Nokia member, you can buy 6 months of development server access for one game title for 1,000€.
After purchasing the service, the SNAP Mobile team will send you a Game Class ID (GCID) and all the other
information required to start development on the development server.

When developing your SNAP Mobile game title, we recommend starting the development using the SNAP Mobile
Community Service emulator. Once getting closer to Alpha, while not necessary, we recommend migrating
your development to the live development servers. By doing this, you will get better understanding of how your
game handles real mobile network conditions such as latency and connection drops as well as live SNAP Mobile
server connections. The development servers are hosted by Nokia in our West Coast USA data center .

To buy the server access, sign in to Forum Nokia website at http://forum.nokia.com/games/snapmobile
To learn more about the SNAP Mobile, visit http://snapmobile.nokia.com