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    PT-3 & HS-1C direct to PC via RS-232 ???


    Know anybody how connect PT-3 or HS-1C to PC or AVR uP via RS232.

    How protocol and at commands to communicate to pc (hyperterminal) or avr.

    Look at similar project

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    Re: PT-3 & HS-1C direct to PC via RS-232 ???

    if your device, whatever device, shows up on your pc as a modem or comm device, and under its properties, it has the comm port listed, then switch to hyperterminal

    create a new connection to that port
    go with defaults
    then type AT, if OK is returned, your communicating with device

    Now, this does not mean the device supports the AT commands you are trying to give it, unless there is a doc for the device supporting at commands, you will have to try the commands by trial and error
    Jason Glass

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