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    help 6280 w/t-mobile in the US

    I'm in the US and had this phone for about a week, my service is with tmobile and I am unable to send multimedia messages ie. pictures etc. I called tech support and they said I would need to speak to the wireless department service. I have called several times and was unable to connect to that department.

    Does anyone here know what similar model phone that they can set the settings to? since they don't have the 6280 on their nokia supported list. What information should I give tech support so they can set it correctly?


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    Re: help 6280 w/t-mobile in the US

    You could also ask T-mobile for manual MMS settings (which are the same for all phones) and enter them yourself like this:

    Menu -> Settings -> Configuration settings -> Personal Configuration settings.

    After that you have created those you also need to activate those settings for MMS under Menu -> Messages -> Message Settings -> MMS -> Configuration settings -> Active Configuration settings -> Select "Personal settings" (those that you created earlier).

    I´m not totally sure but I think the OTA settings for 6270 would work in 6280.....

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    Re: help 6280 w/t-mobile in the US

    mms settings for tmobile US are, note these might not apply to your device, but worth a try

    MMS MMS Profile settings 
    server url: 
    gprs settings: 
    port: 8080 
    apn: wap.voicestream.com 
    login: (leave blank) 
    Password: (leave blank) 
    Brower settings 
    Profile settings 
    Home url: http://wap.myvoicestream.com 
    bearer: gprs only 
    proxy: enable 
    gprs setting - Gateway 
    port: 8080 
    apn: wap.voicestream.com 
    login: (leave blank) 
    password: (leave blank)
    Jason Glass

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