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Thread: take Pictures

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    take Pictures

    Hi, is it possible to take pictures out of a j2me app (s 40)?
    Is there a API available?

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    Re: take Pictures

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    Re: take Pictures

    As of now In Series 40 6280 (Series 40 3rd Edition) allows taking pictures with size 160 x120.

    As described in "MIDP_Mobile_Media_API_Developers_Guide_v1_0_en.pdf" VideoControl has a method, getSnapshot, which allows you to get a snapshot of the video it is displaying. This is particularly useful when it is displaying live video from the device’s camera, since it allows you to take a photo.
    Please go through the "MIDP: Mobile Media API Developer's Guide" in this link
    http://www.forum.nokia.com/info/sw.n..._0_en.pdf.html to get more info on how to take photos.


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