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    About <resourceConfiguration> tag

    Hello World~!

    I'm struggling with running example application called HelloWorldBasic included in S60 3rd SDK.

    HelloWorldBasic doen't displayed on the emulator (Menu/Installation) because of copying *.rsc file to strange directory.

    So, I tryed to create test project by the Carbide itself.

    And, I found Carbide generate "resourceConfiguration" tag for the project.

    The "resourceConfiguration" tag describes where the *.rsc file located.

    Why the Carbide cannot do this for the project that imported from the *.mmp file?

    And, Are there any UI for adding or changing "resourceConfiguration" tag for a project in the Carbide except modifying the ".cdtbuild" file?

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    Re: About <resourceConfiguration> tag

    Whatever you do, do NOT touch the .cdtbuild file!
    When you imported, did you follow the instructions in the Help to create a MIFDEF file?

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