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    Parse into the folders

    hi ,

    I am trying to make a list where the items in the list would come fron the filenames which lie inside a given folder.So for that i will have to indentify the number of files in the given folde and the names of these files.
    All this has to be done dynamically .........

    Please help me by telling how can i parse the folder to determine the number of files inside it and their name.
    Is their any function or some Api which can be used.

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    Re: Parse into the folders

    To list the content of a directory that your FileConnection is pointing to:
    Enumeration e = fc.list();
    while (e.hasMoreElements()) {
    This method returns an enumeration of all directories and files that are present in the directory. Directories are denoted with a trailing slash "/" in their returned name.

    then while inside of while loop, create a fileconnection to each element, once created, get its name, and pertinent info
    Jason Glass

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