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    Red face can't build for the phone

    i work on a project under carbide c++ express , the build for the emulator goes well, but when a want to build for S60 2.0(ARMI) phone release i get an error of "file not found" in the Myproject.pkg in the ligne "$(EPOCROOT)Epoc32\release\$(PLATFORM)\$(TARGET)\Smam1_2.app" -"!:\system\app
    help me please.

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    Re: can't build for the phone

    Read the documentation on "Working with PKG and SIS Files" in the Carbide.c++ User Guide. Then check to see why this file didn't get generated in the Console view or Problems view. Either there are build problems or the path to the APP (or name of the APP) is wrong.


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    Re: can't build for the phone

    now it doesn't find the file "$(EPOCROOT)Epoc32\data\z\system\apps\target\target.aif"
    indeed when i go to C:\Symbian\7.0s\Series60_v20_CW\Epoc32\data\z\system\apps i don't find it but find instead the file targetaif.rsc , when i change target.aif to targeraif.rsc in the .pkg file the line is no more underlined but the project always have errors without any explanation
    help me please.

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