I'm doing a school project with J2ME and is SIP API (JSR180) and i need some help.
I began to download the "sipa1_0_1-ri-bin_Installer" from the nokia syte and execute some samples that came with this packet. But i have a probleme:

-when i execute the most simple sample SendMessage and ReceiveMessage on the same PC the SendMessage thrwo's a IOExeption...

I open two windows with sipa-midp.exe, one run the ReceiveMessage and in another run the SendMessage.
The ReceiveMessage run fine on the port "sip:5070" and is listening...
But when a try to connecto to the server (ReceiveMessage) with the SendMessage (client) with the adress "sip:user@localhost:5070" and send something this application thow's a IOExeption.

I realy need some help on this....

Thank you.