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    Question symbian OS blue phone icon ?

    Theres a blue phone icon on a white background that appears during the running of my app on the 6600. Sometimes its there from the start and disapears some time later. Cant find it in user manual - anybody know what this is or how to prevent it ? Thanks Steve.

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    Re: symbian OS blue phone icon ?

    After a little more wasted time investigating this it seems it only appears whilst infra red is on and may dis/reappear while IR is on. On the 6600, IR works on a timer though so you cant switch it off yourself. It doesnt appear during Nokias own Snake game so I guess it only affects Java apps and may / may not be apparent in all software versions for the 6600. Its not listed in 6600 known issues doc either. In my game it obscures the score for the short period its on and I was worried this might result in a fail during Java Verified testing - handling IR comms interruptions being one of the functional tests. If I get no other replies I suppose I'll have to look at raising my first bug report! Steve.

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    Re: symbian OS blue phone icon ?

    Steve, not really related to your problem, but if you are planning to get JavaVerified for 6600, please note also this (from known issues documentation)

    "The following Series 40 2nd Edition and S60 2nd Edition devices don’t have the root certificate for Java Verified (Geotrust CA for UTI):
    Nokia 6600
    Nokia 6230
    Nokia 3220
    The root certificate is needed for the installation of Java Verified tested applications. The root certificate is missing because the shipments of these specific devices started before the certificate was actually available."


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