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    Installation issue with Carbide

    I just downloaded the new "Carbide" version of the NDS stuff as I'd recently upgraded my PC, and amongst other things my computer's drives are unusual - F: is Windows, G: is swap, H: is applications, I: is data and O: is the old data drive.

    The installer seems to have installed all the VS.NET plugins fine, as they're working as before, but at one stage a dialog box about the help support appeared simply stating "Invalid Drive: C:\". C: doesn't exist in the computer, so that's an obvious error, but it appears that the installer is using hard-coded paths and so is broken on a machine with no C: (this is actually the first program I've run in to with this problem, unlike the olden days). The Symbian help isn't integrated into the IDE like it was before, so I'm assuming that's what it was trying to do

    Are there any solutions? Has anyone else experienced this problem? Thanks!

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    Re: Installation issue with Carbide

    Hi, from your description it seems that the error happens when the installer is installing the Online Help (why you do not see it). If that is the case, your product should be OK, with the exception of Help.

    I must admit that we have not extensively tested on the kind of unusual configs that you have so I cannot really exclude an error, however the Help itself should be installed into the home dir of Carbide.vs and not a hardcoded location. If you did not get any Help installation dialog asking for where to put the Help, the installer did not even get as far as doing "real work".. It could be that the issue is with some of the log files or other temporary file automatically created by the installer. Can you reinstall with some removable or similar device as C:?

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