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    external application.

    I'm creating an external application using java where user can receives message and view message send FROM the epoc emulator. This application is a normal java appliction. how is the application going to work just like the epoc emulator's inbox where user can view and receive the message?
    Message is send from the epoc emulator to EAIF emulator then to the application that i am creating. Is there any examples for this? How is it done?

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    RE: external application.


    Series 60 emulator does not communicate EAIF emulator directly obviously, EAIF is mant for application interface and Series 60 emulator is a device emulator that should communicate over WAP to MMSC interface.

    If you want to create such a application between Series 60 emulator and EAIF fine. Basically you need to create a java application that polls the Series 60 emulators folder and when it finds a MMS message it sends it to EAIF emulator.

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