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    Smile Update jar file possilble?

    Hello Everybody

    i have a question about jar file update
    Now i'm developing 1 application, problem is
    this application need to be update monthly

    But here mobile circumstance, can't do that.

    So only way is if user run application, check
    server there is new version or not, and if have
    Update is best way.

    I saw msn mobile version can do this.

    But i can't find out how to do this.
    Can help me?


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    Re: Update jar file possilble?

    On some phones, the user can update the application manually, if the application was installed via OTA (I guess the phone saves the jad url, then it compares the midlet version): the user just have to go to the application menu and check the right option.

    Otherwise, your server solution seems alright. Then if there is a new version of your application, you'll use the midp2 method, MIDlet.platformRequestion(JAD_URL), to "update" the application. Actually it reinstalls the app again, and it may ask you if you want to keep the former RMS data.

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    Question Re: Update jar file possilble?

    hey can you tell me how you have done automatic midlet updation by coding ?

    i have installed my application via ota and wants to update it's version without uninstalling existing app. so how could i do this ?

    plz help me

    thanking you

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    Re: Update jar file possilble?

    Hi nekinpatel,

    This is what canard_42 talked about.

    Invoking Platform Services in MIDP 2.0

    Note that it is MIDlet.platformRequest and not MIDlet.platformRequestion as below

    Hope it helps
    Juarez Alvares Barbosa Junior - Brazil

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    Re: Update jar file possilble?


    it worked perfectly..!!

    hey i am very happy.. thanks again.

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