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    HI ALL
    I am trying to send a VCARD
    the sms text i am sending is
    //SCKE2 \r\n BEGIN:VCARD \r\n VERSION:2.1\r\n N:SATHY\r\n TEL:+34567\r\n END: VCARD";

    the message reached the recepient phone as "phone number arrived"
    upon opening it says message cannot be diplayed"

    pl help

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    Re: V CARD


    I'm trying to send an SMS with an embedded VCard in it to a phone as well from a PC (no bluetooth, cable, or infrared)...

    Is this even possible? Also, how can you send an SMS to a phone from a PC? In Verizon, all you have to do is email <phone number>@vtext.com and it gets sent to that phone number as an SMS...

    Thanks and your reply is greatly appreciated,

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