following my original thread, I now am confronted with a different problem.
I have managed to install a signed MIDP-2 midlet on both a Nokia 6600 and a 6630, by uploading the root certificate to the phone via Bluetooth and then downloading the signed midlet (it has javax.microedition.io.Connector.http in the MIDlet-Permissions).
In the midlet properties, it correctly says that the protection domain for my signed midlet is "trusted third party" rather than "untrusted third party" as for non-signed midlets.
However, in the protection options, the "blanket" (i.e. "always allowed") option for the "Net Access" function group still does not appear!
If you read Nokia's signing tutorial ("Tutorial on signed midlets v1.0"), it exactly makes this very example - it shows you a signed midlet on a 6600, and tells you that that option should appear!
Is this due to the fact that the midlet was signed with a self-uploaded root certificate, rather than with one of those preinstalled in the phone? I don't think so, it wouldn't make much sense.
Did anyone ever encounter this problem?