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    how to send an object over bluetooth

    hello everyone,
    i am doing a project which intends to implement file sharing over bluetooth .the search query that i have created are in the form of an object.can anyone please tell me how can i send this object from one mobile phone to the other over bluetooth making use of the java api's.

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    Re: how to send an object over bluetooth


    u can use OBEX over bluetooth, look at the javadoc of the JSR82 (javax.bluetooth and javax.obex). i've never found a description or a how-to ... but the OBEX javadoc has some examples/descriptions ...

    for common bluetooth usage look at: http://www.forum.nokia.com/info/sw.n..._v1_0.zip.html


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    Re: how to send an object over bluetooth

    To send an object over bluetooth, you should use OBEX. For that purpose the devices should be authenticated first. What is the device you are using? Asking this bcaz, many devices which has bluetooth doesnot support OBEX which includes populaer series 60 2nd edition sets.

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