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    Nokia 6280 Video Playback Annoyance!

    Hi guys,

    I love my new 6280, but when viewing video at full screen in the media player, it has the "BACK" and "PAUSE" tags (osd) displayed on the screen. It actually goes over the top of the video! I find this very annoying. I think perhaps that it should fade away after 5 sec's or something.

    Anyone know how to remove this, or know how to make a suggestion for future firmware releases?


    Andrew (wil33z)
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    Re: Nokia 6280 suggestion for future firmware

    the option to adjust backlight duration after last key pressed.

    a call timer that counts on screen while in a call, not just the summary after the end.

    the option to turn flash led on for night video or torch.

    and stop the crashing when emailing and accessing some folders

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