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    How to Start programming Applications

    Hi @ all.

    At first of all: I come from Austria and i generaly speek German. So i hope you'll understand my english

    I've got a new mobile phone: Nokia 6280. And now i want to lern programming Java Applications for my new phone. I also program/code: HTML/CSS, PHP/MySQL, C++ and C#. I have already learned a little bit Java. Now im looking for StepByStep Tutorials and Articles to begin programming Applications for Series40 phones. I'm using Eclipse with Carbide.j (+Update S40_SDK_3rd_Edition_1_0). I would be very lucky if someone could give mi some Links where i can lern to start programming JavaApplications for my mobile phone.

    greez Daniel

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    Re: How to Start programming Applications

    Hi danielku15! Welcome To Nokia Discussion Boards!!

    There is a rich set of Java Documents/Examples in Forum Nokia which would satisfy beginner users to advanced developers that might help developing with Java. please check this link

    Here are some other links that might be of some interest!
    Sun Java ME Documentation

    Java ME Technical Articles

    J2ME Technical Tips

    Code Samples

    Developing Java-Based Mobile Games

    Also there have been several docs/online journals available in the Internet that will surely help you a lot. Please search through internet too. Do come back if you have still some doubts.


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