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    Compile error when upgrading from NDS 1.1 to Carbide.vs 2.0.1

    Dear all,

    I have been using NDS 1.1 / VS.net2003 and compile my projects without problem. When upgrade NDS 1.1 to Carbide.vs 2.0.1, my projects compile with error during release build. There is no error with debug build.

    To make sure Carbide.vs works, I have created new projects from wizard, and they compile ok for 2Ed FP2 and 3Ed too.

    From doc, it said Carbide.vs can accept NDS1.1 projects and convert automatically.

    Checking the compiling result, actually the application compiles ok and a copy of xxx.app appear in ..... EPOC32\RELEASE\ARMI\UREL\xxx.APP

    It seems that the problem appear during Petran and SIS file creation.

    petran "..\..\..\..\..\SYMBIAN\8.0A\S60_2ND_FP2_SC\EPOC32\BUILD\NOKIASYMBIAN\SERIES60\DATESTAR\DATESTAR\GROUP\DATESTAR\ARMI\UREL\DATESTAR.APP" "..\..\..\..\..\SYMBIAN\8.0A\S60_2ND_FP2_SC\EPOC32\RELEASE\ARMI\UREL\DATESTAR.APP" \ -uid1 0x10000079 -uid2 0x100039ce -uid3 0x1090d7a1
    PETRAN - PE file preprocessor V01.00 (Build 191)
    Copyright (c) 1996-2004 Symbian Ltd.
    * Updating C:\NokiaSymbian\Series60\DateStar\DateStar\sis\DateStar.pkg
    ERROR: RCMake failed: 0
    Project : error PRJ0019: A tool returned an error code from "Performing Makefile project actions"

    Do I need to set up anything to make Carbide.vs works ?

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    Re: Compile error when upgrading from NDS 1.1 to Carbide.vs 2.0.1


    The error occurs when Carbide tries to update the .pkg file C:\NokiaSymbian\Series60\DateStar\DateStar\sis\DateStar.pkg. Does the file exist? It is defined in the carbide properties where you can change it if needed.

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